Client Name: BDO Colenso
Project Value: $1.1M
Location: Somewhere in a redwood forest, North of Auckland
Completion Date: December 2009

An Alfresco restaurant that seats 30 guests built 10m up a large Redwood tree.
You access the tree-house via an elevated tree-top walkway, parts of which were built using redwood milled on site. The vertical fins and slats were built from sustainably grown pine and poplar.

This project had the ultimate tight programme. 6 weeks from being awarded the project to the guests enjoying fine dining in the summer twilight.


Building the treehouse involved drilling ten 100mm holes through the trunk of the Redwood tree but it turns out trees are very adaptable and every time a hole was drilled the drill bit would break and the weight of the tree would ensure the hole closed over. We resorted to a hydraulic concrete coring machine to complete the job.



Excellence – Excellence in the Building Profession 2009, Projects under $5m, Megan Roberts & Paddy Molloy, Yellow Tree House Restaurant, Warkworth