Client Name: Auckland Zoo - South East Asia Precinct (SEAP)
Project Value: $49.2M
Location: Auckland Zoo
Completion Date: November 2022

The South East Asia Jungle Track, a $62m renewals programme funded through Auckland Council’s long-term plan, is the biggest project in Auckland Zoo’s 100-year history. Along with the lake and wetlands, this track across one-fifth of the Zoo, features a lowlands habitat for tigers and otters, high canopy primate habitat for orangutans and siamangs, and a swamp forest habitat for Sunda gharial (crocodile) and Southeast Asian fish species. Highly immersive for animals and people, and unique to Aotearoa and globally, the goal of the project was about providing the best care for the animals and bringing animals together to give Zoo visitors a deep connection with nature and inspire a love and care for wildlife and each other.

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(It is about the science of care within the South East Asia Jungle Track’s high canopy)

Key Project Features:

    • Lush animal habitats with aerial pathways and tree-inspired canopy climbers; all furnishings suited to orangutan and siamang biomechanics and behavioural needs.
    • Elevated circulation routes throughout and between habitats so animals can move freely where they are most comfortable – up high, connections to indoor Care Quarters above ground level.
    • Habitat, Zoo, and extended views for animals from the 20-25m high aerial pathways.
    • Interactive training wall accessed from above-ground circulation, visible to guests.
    • Drone-delivered enrichment items to aerial pathway towers.
    • Covered viewing shelter with up-close views.
    • Cafe’ with outdoor seating and treetop level animal views.
    • Visitor boardwalk over the Zoo’s lake with orangutans and siamangs crossing overhead.


NZ Institute of Building Awards – 2023


Carters Projects $25M-$50M Garyth Jones, Auckland Zoo South East Asia Precinct


Auckland Property People Awards – 2023

Best Team Award

NZ Strong, Beca, Auckland Zoo, Jacobs, Ignite, Studio Hanson|Roberts, Stevens Lawson Architects and Harrison Grierson