Want to work for us?

Everybody at NZ Strong plays a key role in delivering the high levels of service and satisfaction that our clients deserve. Keeping our reputation in good shape requires intelligence, a strong sense of responsibility, initiative and a willingness to support each other.


NZ Strong suppliers will comply with all applicable legal and regulatory labour requirements. NZ Strong is committed to working with its business partners, suppliers, government and civil society to eradicate modern slavery in all its forms. All workers within our operations and extended supply chains should be treated with dignity, respect, fairness, and should not be subject to harassment, discrimination, wage theft, debt bondage, deceptive recruitment, coercion, forced labour, exploitation, human trafficking, slavery, slavery-like conditions or any inhumane treatment. To best understand and mitigate risks of modern slavery through our operations and supply chains, NZ Strong will use its best endeavours to strengthen its business partnership and supplier due diligence, implement more robust oversight mechanisms and expectations of our business partners and suppliers and conduct review processes on a regular basis.

Our Sort of People

At NZ Strong we look for an outgoing, optimistic attitude, a strong work ethic and the ability to see problems as opportunities.

Our team members need to be able to communicate clearly and deliver on their promises. We also value people who can think on their feet and are prepared to push the boundaries of their own experience.

Positions Available

Please keep an eye on our LinkedIn page for our open positions.

If you would like to register your interest, you are welcome to email careers@nzstrong.co.nz.