NZ Strong is committed to the philosophies of sustainable business practice. By integrating economic growth with social equity and environmental management we will ensure our long-term success in a highly competitive and challenging industry.

Championed and led by our Operations Director, our goal is to encourage and work towards being the most environmentally sustainable construction company in NZ, while also considering corporate social responsibility towards our community and the planet. We contribute to sustainable development around the widely recognised triple bottom line of: People, Planet and Profit:


NZ Strong seeks to empower our employees through leadership and training, and we work every day to manage health and safety in our operations. We are also committed to giving back to the communities in which we operate and understand the importance of providing opportunities to Auckland’s youth, Māori and Pasifika.


  • Recognise engaged and motivated employees have a direct impact on the customer experience
  • Recognise that diversity is critical for an organisation’s ability to innovate and adapt in a fast-changing environment
  • Ensure a healthy and safe work environment
  • Focus on projects that contribute to better communities
  • Build strong leadership capabilities through ongoing professional development and mentoring
  • Employ as many interns and students in the holidays as possible
  • Provide scholarships and support to charities promoting opportunities for young people to enter the construction industry
  • Offer mentoring and support to industry bodies
  • Donate to worthy causes and give back to our communities
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We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance is an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods.


  • Are committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment with full compliance of environmental protection legislation
  • Ensure all project and site management staff undertake Construction Environmental Management Training
  • Develop contract specific Environmental Management Plans
  • Are committed to reducing our waste going to landfill on all projects. In 2015, we set a target to meet the Green Star requirement of a 70% diversion rate. At the end of 2018 our consistent diversion rate was 78% across all sites.
  • Purchase environmentally friendly products whenever practical and we are committed to using environmentally certified cleaning products.
  • Minimise printing and stationery use, i.e. using pen refills.
  • Ensure construction works have the least impact on flora and waterways as possible through effective controls.
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Economic sustainability involves making sure our business makes a profit, but also that business operations don’t create social or environmental issues that would harm the long-term success of the company. Good governance and effective risk management are therefore integral to sustainable operations.


  • Have robust governance practices and hands-on directors with over 130 years’ combined construction industry experience.
  • Ensure that, in the current high risk growth stage of this construction cycle, we have governance with a clear strategy on managing and sustaining growth.
  • Ensure disciplines to implement and maintain QA, H&S and Environmental management systems are implemented at all times.
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