The NZ Strong Team

Average age is 36, 22% are women, 65% kiwi by birth, 35% kiwi by choice – American, Chilean, English, Zimbabwean, Filipino, South African, Chinese, Venezuelan, Welsh and one Australian.

One of us is a genuine pacifc island prince and one of us started his career as an enthusiastic member of the glamorgan school boy’s choir.

52% are site-based.

80% of us love fishing and our biggest snapper so far is 23.5 lbs.

We have 14 cattle, 18 dogs, 14 cats, 6 chickens, 2 ducks (plus all their cousins from the waikato in duck shooting season) and too many pukekhos to count.

We have represented our country in rugby, soccer, basketball, afl, drag racing and one of us is an international federation of body builders pro men’s physique athlete.

….and 2016 saw the arrival of 2 new babies to the NZ Strong family.